The exceptions to child exceptionalism

Rosen, R. and E. Dickson (2024). ”The exceptions to child exceptionalism: Racialised migrant ‘deservingness’ and the UK’s free school meal debates.” Critical Social Policy 44(2): 201–221.

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At the borders of the coroNATION

Mikkel Rytter (2023) At the borders of the coroNATION: samfundssind, Muslim immigrants and suspicious solidarity in Denmark. Ethnic and Racial Studies, online first.

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My name is not ‘asylum seeker’

My name is not ‘asylum seeker’: Countering silencing, unhearing and labelling in the UK asylum system through co-research 2023 By Mette Louise Berg, Eve Dickson, Faith Nyamakanga and Nelson Gómez, in Claire Cameron, Alison Koslowski, Alison Lamont and Peter Moss (eds) Social research for our times: Thomas Coram Research Unit past, present and future London: UCL Press

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