Theorising racism: Exploring the Swedish racial regime.

af Anders Neergaard | jul 2017 | Article

Diana Mulinari & Anders Neergaard. (2017). Theorising racism: Exploring the Swedish racial regime. Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 7(2) 88–96.

Sociologists Bonilla-Silva and Baiocchi (2001) assert that sociologists, protected by a myth of neutrality and objectivity, follow the understandings of racism in their analysis of inequality as relegated to a secondary status, either according to the Marxist tradition as the superstructure or within a Weberian framework as a form of status difference. The aim of the article is to put the study of racism, a fundamental principle of social organisation in modern society, at the centre of social theory. The aim is also to develop a productive dialogue with the traditions of Critical Race Theory (CRT), neo-Marxism and Black feminism; traditions that we will argue are highly relevant for the analysis of the Swedish racial regime.

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